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Call 607-286-7101 for password (between 10AM and 9PM).
*You must call the number to sign up to jump and to receive the password.*
Once you have received the password, please do not share the password.

We encourage everyone interested in jumping to be signed up by Feb. 8th!

Important Date:
February 16th -  Jump Day

The Goodyear Lake Polar Bear Jump is a non-profit organization that annually raises money for local children, adults, and other local organizations. We complete this task by the many individuals that volunteer to jump into Goodyear Lake in Mid-February. In the month and a half prior to the jump, these individuals receive monetary donations from the surrounding area. We also engage in other fundraising endeavors in this time with the help of countless volunteers to afford the items needed to run the jump. The total amount raised within that year is divided among all of our recipients. We donate 100% of the funds raised to these recipients.

How to get involved:

1. Volunteer to jump!

2. Volunteer your time!
We are always looking for more helping hands with all of our events!

3. Donations!

I. Monetary donations:
- Sponsor a jumper!

-Send us a check:
Make all checks payable to Goodyear Lake Polar Bear Jump
We DO accept corporate checks!
Mail to: P.O. Box 298; Milford, NY 13807

-Donate online via PayPal.
Click the button!
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II. Item Donations
-We always need items for our events! Call for inquiry.

Any questions? Contact us!

*New* Support Shirts

Are you an individual who would like to raise money, but not jump? Or do you know of friends that would like to raise money without taking the plunge? If so, read below…

Non-jumping individuals that raise a minimum of $150 are eligible to receive a free support t-shirt. OR: eligible if you sponsor a jumper a minimum of $150.

To receive a shirt: Call the Waters by February 2 at 607-286-7101 to sign-up with your name and shirt size. Make sure to keep track of your sponsors using our sponsor sheet.

Additionally, businesses and individuals that are interested in having their logos displayed on these shirts should call the number above.

 (amounts of $1,000, $500, or $250).


***These shirts ARE NOT the same as the jumper shirts.***





Click here to see Goody's Trip to Community Bank, Walmart, SD Eyes, Unatego Elementary School, and Amphenol.


Click here to see pictures of Goody's Trip to Milford Morning Program and Unadilla Valley School!


*Update from past recipient,* Mitchell Carrigan:

"I am still currently enrolled at Allegheny College in Meadville, Pennsylvania and I plan on finishing my four year bachelor degree in Biology and Environmental Science at this college. I am in love with the area, the people I meet at this school, and the experiences it allows me to have. I met my current girlfriend, Alaina Duessel, at this school partially due to us having a few classes together the first semester we were there. She lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania so we don't really get to see each other very often during the summer but our love does not waver with distance.

I received my grades for this past spring semester and it was my best semester yet as I finished with an overall GPA of 3.825. It took me a little time getting used to heading over to Meadville. It was difficult leaving so many people that I love, and a community that helped me so much through what I consider the toughest year of my life.

I am eternally grateful for all the people that helped me through that time of my life and especially all associated with the annual polar bear jump. It gave me hope, motivation, and the needs necessary to allow me to be where I am currently with my life. There's no telling how different my life would be if it weren't for all the help I received. From this, you guys at the polar bear jump and all others that helped me hold a special place in my heart and none of what I've accomplished since my surgery would have been possible."


If you are a past recipient and would like to be featured on our page, please email us a short update and pictures!


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