Timothy (TJ) Petry

TJ was diagnosed with Standard Risk Medullablastoma on March 7, 2017. On March 8, he underwent an 18+ hour surgery to remove most of the tumor. They surgically installed a shunt to relieve the pressure on his brain and installed a port a month later. He under went 7 weeks of radiation treatments and has a year of chemo which will be done in May of 2018. He was in Sunnyview Rehabilitation Hospital for a month before he got to come home in June of 2017. He is being tutored by his 5th grade teacher at school every night. He spent his 10th birthday in the PICU at Albany Medical Center. He is like any typical 10 year old boy. He enjoys playing his Xbox, collecting Hot Wheels cars, watching his 16 year old sister Kayla play sports. Before the surgery TJ enjoyed playing sports himself and riding his bike. Our goal is to get him able to enjoy that again. TJ goes to Margaretville Central School.