Information for 2018 Jumpers!

Registration Information for Jumpers

Registration begins at 9 a.m. the day of the Jump at the Portlandville Methodist Church.

We encourage that all registering jumpers register by 11:30am the morning of the jump.

- If space in the church fills up, you may be standing in line OUTSIDE in the COLD.

- There is NO bathroom available.

- All jumpers must raise a minimum of $100.00

-Jumpers ages 12-17 must have a minor waiver signed by a parent or guardian.*

-Jumpers ages 18 and up must have a waiver signed.

During registration individuals will be able to buy raffles tickets, apparel, and order sweatshirts (only jumpers can order sweatshirts; sweatshirts must be PREPAID).

*Minor waivers will be available at the Polar Bear Jump Auction and at Registration. A minor must have a minor waiver signed by a parent or guardian to be able to jump.




Click for the 2018 Jump Packet

For password, please call the Waters at 607-286-7101 between 9AM and 9PM.


2018 Polar Bear Jumpers!

If your name is spelled wrong or you do not see it, please contact

Additionally, if there are any repeated names, please let us know!

Anna Gangregorio Parker Fish Morgan Dutcher Steven Meade
Wyatt Waters Lizette Holliday Mataiah Waters Michael Strenck
Jamie Waters Leon Roseboom Doris Sherman Ed Gwilt
Jason Thomson Brandon Watson Mike Munson Janet Blatsos
Jordan Clements Lucas Mead Ben Mead Jeff Allen
Jesse Campbell Jon Ellis Tracy Ross Brayden Karn
Alex Cordnes Victor Erway Max Hubble Mary Hubble
Cierra Strub Jeff Thorn Yvonne Angel Ken Stanford
Lisa Campbell Jeff Mikeroony Alex Scarzafava Delia Garcia
McKayla Fulton Monica Birdsall Timmy Zurn Steve Curless
Anthony Hoffman James Virtell Tim Whitaker Mitchell Sisson
Rich Couse David Hotaling Tom Pagillo Marisa Wiland
Clint McGinty Lauren Ewing Dan Priest Hadely Bissel
Lauren Card Isabella Lepetich Steve Lepetich Chris Kelley
Jeanie Lord Traci O'Donnell Bryan Head Anthony Ruocco
Amanda Travis Josh Travis Tony Rotolo Anthony Rotolo
Stanley Thomas John Thomas Fred Thomas Nicolas Thomas
Fransis Thomas Nicole Roe Brenda Brooks Brian Clair
Corey Clair Olivia Whalen-Kipp Nicole Axtell-Hitchcock Vanessa Pellegrino
Kristy Lawson Tabatha Hartshorn Rachael Pound Mathew Spadavecchia
Elizabeth Banks Kelly Holliday Stephanie McMullen Maxx Law
Steve Benavides Kalyn Bechle Karen Telarico Matt Campbell
Teegan Gale Shelby Bucci Nicole Hecox Cierra Strab
Will Outsen Cassidy Moxley Jade Moxley Samantha Banks
Rachel Lyons Scott Cahnestra Ryan Lewis Elizabeth Burr
Angelina Burr Vasiliki Drapaniotis Morgan Sohne Gwen Ketchum
Michaela Watts Kaley Chase Kaitlyn Watson Keshia Gemzardi
Eric Burger Scarlett Newman Jacob Hamm Lima Coyle
Malorie Jordan Sheridan Parker Stephanie Parker Benjamin Child
Connor Stanford Brian Bogholtz Amber Stanton Phoenix Locke
Jonathan Van Tilburg Bob Stanley Andrea Mateunas Ray Auger
Kathleen Seit Chuck Yorio Lisa Leo Makenna McNicol
Zachary Shaul Ian Ward Brielle Cameron Regina Dianich
Nick Liberti John Repetti Alexis Seward Emily Brew
Steve Hale Dan Randazzo Jack Stanton Anna Post
Sean Carron Timothy James Lindsey Wright Preston Post
Sarah Ackerly Tine Miner James Mr Kline Matt Tontownsend
Katie Madsen Brandon Kane Anna Misiawicz Ali Misiawicz
Joe Bieber Ben Sickler Larry Zelezniah Lori Mayo
John Noble Greg Dungan Luke Moran Cassie Barrows
Kaitlin Clark Monalissa Edson Heather Morse Amy Taggart
Cheyenne Giuliano Gabe Sherman Jenna Rotolo Jenessa Card
Heather Murray Trevor Hoxie Gavin Henry Tammy Williams
Emily Garlic Emily Brew Adreanna Jeff Finen
Steve Sklener Richard Wenzel Brad Jones Mike Packard
Kaylee Packard Kolby Packard Levi Decker Danielle Aubrey
Tristan Knutsen Dustin Premberton Robert Maddalone Matt Epps
Kaylee Kiser Mickala Woodrow Gretchen Myers Jordan Burton
Alexis Seward Willow Rogers Abigayle Bennett Dylan Fox
Wiliam Lord Caitlin Ogden Mathew Simpkins Bruce Kramer
Laura Kilty Mike Rutledge Barb Peterson Harold Southwerth
Lexi Stanford Dane Kalogiannis Alex Zoller Jessica Matice
John Nito Philip Wright Ben Morison Terresa Ewing
Bunny Hoag Crystal Barrett Pack Mona Edson John Hodgson
Fred Hodgson Brittany Evon Nicholas Campbell Melissa Campbell
Jack Stanton Anna Post Sean Carron Bryce Bracchy
Preston Post Tina Miner-James Mark Kline Caroline Whitaker
Andrew Nicholson Ayman Lone Henry Wager Bryson Whitaker
Liam Ford Lowell Wilsey Ethan Kukenburger Simon Huaysz
Amir Din Charlie Rivers Suzanne Evans DJ Quackenbush
Andrew Goodspeed Danielle Schulaka Kimberly Moxley