Travis McAdams

Travis’ story starts back in the spring of 2014.  At 14 years old, he was looking forward to spring and when the warmer weather would finally arrive.  He had plans to go fishing in all his favorite fishing spots that he had gone the last few summers with his best friend Ricky.  Shortly after his 14th birthday, he started complaining of pain around his knee.  A few doctor appointments and x-rays later, we discovered that he would need surgery on that are to re-align how the bones were set.  When he started complaining of his other knee/shin area hurting, I thought that it meant that he would also need surgery on that leg.  I wasn’t at all expecting the doctor appointments and conclusion that would lead us down a very different path.  When we got the x-rays on his right leg, the doctor pulled me out in the hall too show me them.  She had contacted his pediatrician and we would need to follow up with him immediately for MRI’s on both legs.  We then got the call that we had to follow up with blood work.  They had found something that didn’t look right and the blood work would either confirm or release what it was looking like.  I was supposed to pack a bag in case it was Leukemia and we would have to leave immediately for Albany.  I didn’t.  It was the Fourth of July and we were going to have a BBQ with Grandma in the back yard.  The phone call with the results was expected later in the afternoon anyways, we had time.  The phone call came before noon.  It was confirmed Leukemia.  I hadn’t even told my son what they thought it was.  Now  had to tell him he had cancer.  How do you do that? I had to tell him that we had to go to Albany.  I didn’t know when we would be back home.  I had so many unknowns to navigate though, yet I needed to be a rock for him.  I packed our bags.  We visited his friend Robert  to tell him in person.  On the way we also saw his friend Ricky fishing. The ride was quiet and long.  When we got there, they had a room ready for him.  They inserted a double IV and started fluids.  At 4 in the morning he received his first transfusion. July 7th, 2014 was his first chemo.  October 2017 will be his last chemo session and then it will be monitoring for 2 years after. It’s strange, when most people have wedding anniversaries to celebrate, we have first chemo, port  insertion surgery, and  completed road maps of treatments.  We stay home on the 4th of July now, as the day is very sentimental and a day of reflection. We are looking forward to October 2017 when he has his last chemo treatment and doesn’t have to take pills every night. I always have a bag half packed now, because the slightest cold can make a trip to Albany necessary.  The car always has half a tank of gas, because that is enough to get to Albany without having to find a gas station that is open in the middle of the night.  As much as there still are unknowns that exist, we have found so much support and love that has taught us so much.