Police Assisting Addicts Towards Recovery Initiative (PAARI)

On Thanksgiving Day 2015, the Cooperstown Police Department initiated a new program to help addicts towards recovery. It is the Police Assisting Addicts Towards Recovery Initiative, or PAARI for short.  The Cooperstown Police adopted a new program based on one started by the Gloucester Massachusetts Police Department which went in a completely new direction when dealing with the heroin drug problem. If addicts contact the police station and want help getting to rehab, they can get it ASAP without any legal problems. 

Addiction is treated as a disease. We are losing too many people due to overdoses. Since starting the program, we have sent 91 people to rehab and assisted and guided others in need.

Any funds raised would be used towards insurance coverage and one way flights to their rehab locations. We, as the police Department do not want to handle any funds, but would ideally like to have a local church or other reputable organization handle the funds on an as needed basis