Areyliah (AJ) Hazard


In mid September AJ was admitted to Albany Medical Center for what was thought to be a stomach virus and dehydration. At the hospital she
suffered with fecal matter and stomach bacteria in her blood. Her brain
and eyes were infected. She was in horrific pain. She was soon diagnosed
with severe Crohn's Disease and tested positive for a rare but invasive
bacteria knows as MAP/MAI. She was immediately put on IV nutrition,
steroids, antibiotics, pain meds, and began Crohn's treatments.

Things were complicated when she had an allergic reaction to her Crohn's treatment. We were transferred to Columbia Hospital where things got progressively worse. She began to experience terrible abdominal pain episodes. She is very sick. After two months at Columbia we were supposed to be transferred to a rehab hospital, so we went home for Christmas. The rehab hospital evaluated her and decided she was not yet in the condition to begin rehab. Her abdominal pain was still unresolved.

On Christmas Eve we were admitted to Boston Children's hospital where they continued treating her. As of now we know she is suffering from nerve damage in her small intestines and extreme inflammation throughout her intestinal tract. They are working diligently to get to the source.

The nature and duration of her illness as caused us to make life altering
decisions. We can no longer keep the employment we had and must relocate to Boston because, without a miracle, her recovery from the nerve damage alone is expected to possibly take a year or more of daily therapy.

AJ is a beautiful and strong young lady. She loves dance and soccer. She
is very focused on her ballet studies, beginning pointe this year, and
hopes to attend Julliard to study ballet and then become a physical
therapist for ballerinas and danseurs. In soccer, AJ's preferred position
is goalkeeper. She has no fear and is very aggressive.

Thank you for considering our family ... our daughter ... our Areyliah
(pronounced Uh - rell - eeuh) during this season of our lives.